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Precise procedures and high quality components ensure reliable well tested manufactured, serviced and remanufactured turbochargers.  

Custom Made

Prototyping from existing fitment OE turbos to purley performance models all with our dual ball bearing system.

Racing Performance

Engineered ball bearing systems matched with CAE/CFD designed billet compressor wheels manufactured in house for control and consistency.

Our MTA Performance Difference

15 Years ago Billet Turbochargers range was created. Billet Turbochargers are an elite true high-performance turbocharger built from the highest quality parts and materials. Billet Turbochargers was the first to utilise a full complement silicon nitride (ceramic) ball bearing system. Billet Turbochargers are available for small engines all the way up to the professional drag racer. Billet Turbochargers produce twin ball bearing turbo’s capable of flowing 2400hp per turbo.

Frequently Asked Question: Is the Billet Turbochargers ball bearing system just the same as other ball bearing turbos? Short Answer: NO!

The Billet Turbochargers ball bearing system is NOT a copy of any other ball bearing turbo. The Billet Turbochargers ball bearing system is an original design developed in house at MTA Turbochargers over 15 years ago.

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